talking about holidays….

Posted: October 20, 2009 in oh dunia
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16 September next year will be declared public holiday. Some people make noise, as usual. For me…what the heck…agreed with some, disagreed with some.

sorry Dr.M...sometimes your opinion not as good as usual..we all are mankind

sorry Dr.M...sometimes your opinion not as good as usual..we are all mankind

  1. If say there are too many holidays, then cut some lah…let say 1st January?…no meaning lah to celebrate that
  2. Disagree to someone who says Islamic holidays were more and should cut that off…haiyoo…are you a Muslim or what? Give some respect la mat…it is better to celebrate awal muharram then to celebrate others ‘religion’/social celebration like valentine days, workers days, fathers days, mothers days, woman day’s, 1st January, etc…
  3. Upon receiving a lot of holidays…You should take it as a gift. Spend more time with families, relatives and yourself. This should take care problems of children lacking their parents love and attention, hence reduced our ‘social sickness’ that has been worsen nowadays. Anyone agree?
  4. Some people have less annual leave (AL) and some have lots…hey, this holiday is the only day to whom who have less AL to rest.. give them some room beb
  5. If effectiveness or productiveness of the workers you are complaining about.. then look in the mirror and muhasabbah yourself (ask yourself), am I more productive than others? If not, then make yourself one lah…”nobody can change you, accept you yourself want to change”
  6. What’s done has been done, it is a matter of agreed or not agreed…..If you are agree then accept it, If not.. go working lah bai on that day.. Don’t make noise here, just go work silently and claim OT if you can. ok?

PS: I only have 8days of annual leave…I want more!!!!

  1. sawitsan says:

    hehehehe…1st post in english…any comments?

  2. awangputra says:

    so the conclusion of this issued :-

    you agreed caused you need more holiday instead 8 days annual leave??

    wakakakakkakaka good point

    p/s: first time comment in english

  3. awangputra says:

    cuma aku lagi suka kalau dapat annual leave banyak beserta public holiday yang banyak

    so aku nak cari kerja yang banyak annual leave seiring dengan public holiday yang bertambah


    – renung-renungkan dan selamat berfikir –

  4. nard.aziz says:

    aku suke je byk holiday.. sb private dpt sket je annual leave.. it gud la..
    yg dorg kate byk sgt holiday tu, sbb governmennt annual leave je da 30 hari.. then + ngn public holiday, mmg byk..
    as fair enough, then cut 1 annual leave for gomen then + 1 public holiday..

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